The Basic Types of Online Casino Promotions

As part of a marketing strategy of online casinos, promotional programs are parcel of the online casino business which aims to promote and increase the market of online casinos by attracting more playing casino patrons on their site.

Casino gamblers have different choices on the type of casino promotions that they can avail at online casino sites. The simplest form of casino promotion consists of complete freebies that allow a casino player to become eligible for a monthly drawing of free bonus credits.

The player is only required to provide their email address upon registering to an online casino site. It is that plain simple. However, unknown to most casino players is the downside of this type of casino promotions that lead them to receive junk emails.

Some casinos partner with sale companies where the player's email address provided to the casino is shared to their sister companies to send unsolicited ads to the casino player's email. A better solution would be to create a separate email address primarily for this purpose.

The sign on bonus is becoming a regular casino promotion online where an online casino player is able to avail of free bonus as a welcoming gesture of online casinos to their new players.

The sign on bonus can be offered by means of a match bonus where a percentage of the player's deposited amount is added to their account. Other casinos offer a flat rate bonus which allows a casino player to enjoy an extra amount credited into their account regardless on the amount of a player's deposit.

The sign on bonus has attached restrictions on its claims which differ among online casino sites. The bonus rates also differ from one casino to another so it helps for a casino player to shop around for the best sign on bonus offered online.

Another type of casino promotion is the comp points that give casino players extra point credit for every wager they make for playing casino games to an online casino site. The points earned by casino players can be exchanged for reward items offered by casino sites on their online reward catalogues. Other casinos will allow casino players to redeem their points in the form of a cash prize.

Online casinos also offer another type of casino promotion called the preferred player prizes where the prizes are so much bigger. But casino players also need to spend bigger wagers in order to avail of the free Caribbean cruise vacation offers of the casino, a condo resort vacation for free, unlimited free flights for a year and other fabulous prizes that await a casino player.

Internet casino gambling is becoming a very lucrative business that each player should always consider their options which type of casino promotion can serve them best.